Free App – What to do in an accident


A first for South Australia! This app has been designed specifically for drivers in South Australia.

Developed by Pro Paint n’ Panel – South Australia’s leading Crash Repairer – as a service for their customers. With over 25 years of dealing with collisions and insurance claims, they have developed this app to assist people have the information on hand that they need immediately like Emergency & Tow Truck Contact numbers, then lead them through the process of collecting information to make their insurance claims easier.

Reduce stress and avoid confusion when you’ve had an accident

– download this simple checklist on your phone to step you through what to do.

Useful for everyone and particularly for:

Fleet Managers
Insurance Companies
Teenagers & Inexperienced drivers
Interstate & overseas drivers new to South Australia

For companies with fleets of vehicles – get your employees to use the app to collect the required information for the fleet manager and insurance claim. The same principle applies for all drivers, have your teenage children use it.

Features include:

Emergency – Police, Fire, Ambulance call button, when to ring
Tow Truck Voucher – Government licenced number to call when vehicle is not driveable or roadworthy & must be towed away. Have it towed to PPP & they will pay the tow truck fee on delivery.
What to do in an Accident – follow the requirements of SA law – Stop, Stay Calm, Move Vehicles, Give Assistance, Emergency, Police
Take Photos of Accident – up to nine photos saved to your phone.
Accident Details – record time, date, location with Google Maps, your details, other driver, witness, police, description of accident.
Email the details – will include all the details you have entered in accident details.

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