Fleet Management

Our core business is the maintenance and repairs of vehicles, we take care of your vehicles so you can focus on your core business.

Our workshops are located at 45 – 53 South Road Hindmarsh. We are RAA Approved Repairer for both Crash Repairs and Mechanical Repairs & recommended repairer for major insurance companies. We can accommodate all types of models and makes of light commercial vehicles including smaller buses. We operate a Transport SA Inspection station for taxis, chauffeur drives and mini buses.

Propaint & Rightway provide collision repair and mechanical services to many major corporations fleets such as SA Power Networks, Coca Cola and not-for-profit organisations such as ACH, ECH, Centa Care’s CarCenta, CARA, Minda Inc, Phoenix Society, and Can:Do Charity Group.

With over 25 years’ experience in managing fleets, we can not only maintain and repair your vehicles but give you the best advice on how to get the best value and efficiencies out of your fleet vehicles.

  • tailor made services to suit your needs
  • Maximizing employee efficiencies by reducing repair turnaround times
  • on-site estimating, pick-up and delivery service from your premises or from other locations if vehicles are un-drivable in the Metropolitan area
  • Fleet of 30 Courtesy Vehicles, white, no sign writing. Includes Tarago people mover, Van for Wheelchair Access (3 Wheelchair capacity) vans and utilities.

We have successfully partnered with SG Fleet to offer a value-added service to our customers particularly those that already run fleets in-house. Our expertise in evaluating vehicles have helped recent customers with tailor made solutions. We will do a full analysis of what vehicles you currently have and assess which ones to keep or replace according to suitability for purpose, ongoing maintenance costs etc. Solutions may be to sell and leaseback; replace vehicles and lease or run out then replace with new vehicles. We do full valuation onsite for your convenience.

Fleet Management services include:
  • Funding options including operating lease or finance lease
  • Maintenance plans including tyre replacement
  • Registration renewal
  • Fuel cards
  • Reporting via Fleetintelligence
  • Breakdown and accident assistance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Vehicle acquisition and disposal
  • Kilometre management
  • Fines management
  • Driver training

Balance Sheet

Capital expenditure has two entries on the balance sheet - an asset (the vehicle), and a liability - the debt (if the money is borrowed), or a reduction in cash (if cash from operations is used). Your financial ratio (debt-to-equity) suffer, making your company less attractive to lenders or investors

Administrative Tasks

Leasing can save money by eliminating administrative tasks. A lease provider manages fleet management tasks, including paperwork and recordkeeping

Cash Flow

The capital needed to run your business comes from either your operating capital or a lender. Leasing provides a third source to obtain the vehicles needed without using other funds that could be used for more important purposes

Regular Monthly Operating Expense

A smaller up-front investment is required for a lease than for an outright purchase. A lease agreement reduces fleet costs to a monthly operating expense. Cash that would have been committed to fleet purchases can be used to grow the core business

Maintenance and Roadside Assists

One contact / one phone call -24 hour contact person for all services including towing, routine maintenance and roadside assistance programs

Expense Management Tools

Online fleet management tools track a fleet's costs, history, and lease terms, as well as other important and necessary data to make fleet management much less time-consuming, resulting in reduced costs. By monitoring expenses more closely and accurately, problems can be identified and dealt with immediately

Fuel Programs

Fuel programs help control spending at the pump through regular odometer updates and other tools; provide preventive maintenance scheduling and fleet cycling to control fleet costs over the longer term

Tax Benefits

Leasing cash flows consist of a series of monthly payments, partially offset by the tax benefit created by their deductibility

Vehicle Acquisition/Disposal

The actual processes of vehicle acquisition and disposal are time-consuming and require some expertise to do well. Independent lessors can lease any make or model, order the vehicle for you, pay for it, and obtain the title and tags, relieving you and your employees of these tasks. Lessors are also better equipped to sell vehicles when they come out of service

Use vs. Ownership

Vehicles are a business tool - do you need to own vehicles or do youI need to use them

Modern, reliable, better-looking fleet on the road

Your vehicles are a representation of the brand of your company. A fleet comprising vehicles of varying quality, age, and looks will not promote your business in the best way